Hydrate & Repair Face Balm
Hydrate & Repair Face Balm Hydrate & Repair Face Balm Hydrate & Repair Face Balm


This deeply hydrating face balm is a soothing blend of organic oils and cocoa butter to nourish depleted skin. Infused with immortelle oil to boost the skin's natural repair processes, rose oil to calm redness and irritation, and sandalwood to improve skin tone. 


  • 100% natural and organic
  • Deeply hydrating: a little goes a long way! 
  • Non-greasy moisturizing formula absorbs quickly
  • Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil & Olive Oil base
  • Infused with essential oils of rose, sandalwood, lavender, and immortelle
  • 0.9oz/25g

Why We Love It

This rich, waterless face cream softens skin like no other. Melt a bit in your fingertips, press it into the skin, and watch your skin go from dull to glowy in seconds. It absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling plump, not greasy. It's lightweight and gentle enough to use underneath the eyes and will effectively mitigate any signs that you spent the night binge-watching Netflix or tearing up the town. 

$ 68.00