Soap Supérieure


You don’t know soap until you’ve cleansed with Gaelle Organic Soap Supérieure. This luscious bar is infused with detoxifying white clay, organic oils, and hydrating shea butter so your skin stays soft and moisturized while you cleanse.


  • Certified organic
  • Softly scented with litsea and lavender
  • For combination and dry skin types
  • Removes makeup, dirt, and grime while keeping skin hydrated
  • Can be used on the face & body
  • 5 oz.

Why We Love It

We first discovered this soap years ago when we met Gaelle at a local beauty supply in L.A. She radiated warmth and her skin was simply amazing. This soap has been a mainstay in our beauty routine ever since. Unlike lots of cleansers that give skin that DJ-scratch, squeaky-clean feeling, this one leaves skin soft, supple, and grime-free. We use it from head to toe!

$ 12.00