Rose Brass Forest Tree Ring
Rose Brass Forest Tree Ring Rose Brass Forest Tree Ring Rose Brass Forest Tree Ring


This statement ring is inspired by the unique concentric circles found in the cross section of a fallen tree; markings that reveal not only the history of the timber itself, but also of the forest in which it thrived. Made of solid rose brass (a slightly pinker hue than standard brass), this piece has a weighty and substantial feel that grounds us in a meaningful meditation: honor your roots.  


  • Solid rose brass
  • Handmade in Topanga Canyon
  • Custom made to order: please allow 2 weeks for delivery
  • Please Note: As with all brass pieces, this ring does react to the natural oils in your skin and will tarnish. We personally love this ring with a more worn-in look, but have included a polishing cloth in case you’d like to keep yours ultra-shiny.

Why We Love It

With each year that passes, a tree adds another ring to its trunk. As you enter the redwood forest in Henry Cowell State Park—one of our favorite places in California—there’s a massive cross section of a fallen redwood for all to see. Rangers have added markers on the slice indicating how the tree’s many rings coincide with important dates in history. The beginning of the American Revolution. The signing of the Magna Carta. The birth of Christ. Struck by the tree’s incredible age, you are left to wonder about the things it saw come and go while it stood resolute in the woods. This beautiful rose brass ring reminds us of that awe—and calls to mind the feeling that, like the tree, we are each a majestic accumulation of our years.


$ 115.00