Larkspur Company is a blog and digital store that supports emerging female business owners and creators, tells their stories, and connects them with a kindred audience of inspired, dynamic women. We aim to engage the evolving woman and provide her with products and content that support her mind, body, and spirit while promoting the advancement of women in business and beyond.


The Larkspur Woman

The Larkspur woman demonstrates an ongoing desire to learn, explore, discover, and pursue the world’s richness. She is guided by the intention to nurture her creativity, nourish her body, pursue meaningful relationships, and promote a society that encourages economic and cultural equality for women.



Celene Carrara & Annalise (Annie) Moberg

We met in college and became fast friends. Wacky, artistic introverts with a yen for learning, playing, and discovering the world, we are constantly on the search for new ways to cultivate our minds, strengthen our bodies, and nourish our spirits. We started Larkspur Company as a blog in 2013 as a means to chronicle inner struggles, explore women’s issues, and share beauty and health tips. After two years, we knew we wanted to do something bigger. Inspired by the community of empowered female entrepreneurs around us, we decided to expand Larkspur Company into an online shop. We hand select every brand and maker based not only on the quality of her product but also on her unique strength and spirit as a person. We know that women want to help and support other women, and we’re here to make that happen in a tangible way.

About Annie



  • Grew up in the Santa Cruz mountains
  • As a kid made potions in the backyard and looked for worms with her pet goose
  • Graduated from USC with a degree in Creative Writing
  • Post graduation, worked in marketing in the natural beauty industry for 3 years
  • Constantly cooking, copywriting, and writing a book or three. Currently: a collection of coming-of-age essays and a novel in the genre of magical realism

About Celene


  • Grew up in Ubud, Bali
  • Belly-danced, filmed a Barbie commercial, and sold ten-cent Gel Pen tattoos on the playground
  • Graduated from USC with a degree in Psychology
  • Post-grad, worked as a designer and production manager for a jewelry atelier for 3 years
  • Constantly exploring the world, designing baubles, and working on handcrafted wares for Larkspur Company