Struggling with summertime heat?  CAUSE WE ARE.  It's been furnace-like in Los Angeles as of late.  To beat the blaze we whipped up a watermelon aqua fresca that provides icy cold relief (and a general state of bliss).  Nothing says summer quite like watermelon, are we right?  For an extra kick we rimmed our glasses with Trader Joe's Chili Lime seasoning.

If you feel like getting a bit groovier, add a splash of tequila and extra lime juice for a homemade watermelon margarita!  ¡Me encanta el agua fuerte!


1/2 seedless watermelon

2 limes

3-5 ice cubes

Sugar to taste

Chili lime seasoning


Blend watermelon, lime juice, and ice cubes.  Add sugar to taste.  Rim glasses with chili limi seasoning.  Pour aqua fresca and garnish with lime wedge.  Sip!

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