HOLD UP, GUYS.  THESE SHADOWS ARE $5.  Nope, that isn't a typo.  It's the real deal.  And even more amazing?  ColourPop's formula is pigmented, creamy, and rivals luxury brand quality.  Plus, the glitter.  Oh sweet, sweet glitter.

yutwd top left:  Rex, So Quiche, Moonwalk, and Sugar

These shadows transport us.  When we imagine outer space, speckled with twinkling stars and undiscovered planets, we see Rex.  When we envision life as mermaid BFFs, we imagine So Quiche and Moonwalk as our everyday staples, tucked away in our clam shell purses.  And when we feel like getting back to our 90's roots, Sugar is where it's at every damn time.  Girl Power!  No?

Founded in Los Angeles in 2014, ColourPop offers premium products priced for play.  After experimenting with the eyeshadows ourselves, we are stoked to confirm the pigment holds up and there is no fall out.  The formulas are soft enough to apply with your finger but also layer and build up smoothly for a more dramatic effect.  ColourPop NEVER tests on animals, too.  One more reason to love this budding beauty brand.

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