The New York Times: Imagining my mom as a person before she was my mother at times feels like a quantum leap. I love this article and how it asks us to see our moms as the women they were before we came along. - Celene

Big Little Lies: I was late to the Big Little Lies obsession, but once I finished the series I enjoyed reading all of the commentary online. This HuffPo piece hit the nail on the head for me. "Women who spend time together and form an intimacy often develop the ability to silently communicate warnings ― something I have never before seen expressed so pointedly on television." - Annie

Jude: Oh, hello perfect summer skirt- Annie

Floracopeia: In prepping for my move to Alaska, I knew I wanted to bring my essential oil diffuser with me; settling into my new place was all about creating a relaxed sanctuary. I went all in and picked up this sandalwood essential oil. My apartment has transformed into a blissful zen zone and it's just wondrous. - Celene

Litoralle Aromatica: The best new summer fragrance from an L.A.-based perfumer who I absolutely adore. Geranium, sandalwood, jasmine and musk--how could it get any better? - Annie


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