Guys! The aliens have ARRIVED. JK (but maybe on those other seven planets, eh?). The scobies are alive and thriving, people. The dark, toasty cupboard in the kitchen was without-a-doubt the spot to let them do their probiotic thang. Seven weeks later, let me update you.


First, take a look at the scoby I grew from scratch. Remember I was concerned this batch might not yield any results since the method was a bit iffy? Luckily for us, it worked! You can actually see each layer of growth. The pH level is just right, too, which means I can drink it safely (thank heavens). My plan with this tea is to add more of the black tea and sugar liquid to fill the jug up to the top.

My mail-ordered scoby is also happy. This guy has a different texture and the layers of growth are not as obvious. But! The pH level is good to go and it sure smells like Kombucha. WOW. What a smell. Since this batch is ready to mix, it’s time to explore what flavors I want to blend in. Perhaps a ginger and guava? Send along your recommendations! Have any of you started a batch of your own?

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