Today marks precisely two months since our return from Scotland.  Whenever I travel, I make it a point to stand still at some moment on the trip, pause, and soak up my sensory experience.  I stop and breathe.  I tune into my physical presence and take note of each of my senses in this new environment.  Connecting in this way cements my memory of the place and how I feel in it.  It's a moment I can go back to for the rest of my life to recall where I was (in every sense).

As soon as we arrived in Kilmuir, a teeny-tiny village on the Northern Coast, I sensed Skye was going to set stagnant energy into motion.  The landscape was so beautiful, so overwhelming, so imposing, you couldn't ignore how it made you feel.  It demanded you be present and bear witness to the magic and grace of Mother Earth.  I felt deep happiness and appreciation for my life.  I felt love.  I felt alone.

I paused for my moment during our hike to the Old Man of Storr (pictured above).  I remember closing my eyes, listening to the wind howl in my ears and blister on my cheeks.  The sun shone bright on my face; its warmth radiating onto my scarf and into belly.  My legs were tired and my toes were sore.  The wind held my back so firmly I could relax into it.  It grew stronger and pushed me back on my feet.  I gripped my hat and turned around to face the ocean.  The coast line spread as far as my eyes could see in both directions.  The wind carried the laughs and chatter of my friends to me. 

I am so grateful I shared this trip with my soul sisters.  Here is a sweet video capturing some of our silliest moments.  

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