With Father's Day coming up we decided to ask our Dads about their experience raising daughters.  How is their relationship with the girls different from the boys?  Funny enough, both of them gave us answers we didn't expect!

Annie's Dad, Dennis:

"My three kids were different in so many ways that have nothing to do with gender that it's hard to think of the ways that I "raised" them differently. Clearly, there were things I thought every man should know and be, and that made it easier to raise my sons. Rather than raise my daughter with a particular end in mind, I did my best to discern the emotions that lived under the surface and to listen better. Above all, I learned to expect surprises but not disappointments from my daughter."

Celene's Dad, Edward:

"There is just some kind of natural sweet spot having a daughter as opposed to having a son. I think that it is the mystery of me not understanding the feminine sexuality and how it affects my daughter's motivation and vision. There is also a difference in any of my expectations that also comes from that mystery of gender. I never felt like you wanted to 'kick my ass'." 


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