Celene's 'lil sis, Tara, just wrapped her training at Makeup Forever Academy in New York. Naturally, we demanded she come over and practice her new skills on our mugs.  Our request?  To give us a look we would never do on our own.  Makeup is transformative; it sets a tone and it empowers you to explore parts of your personality you might not normally give yourself permission to.  Read on below about Tara's inspiration and technique!

For Annie, Tara experimented with shape and texture.  She emphasized her bone structure by extending the smoky eye all the way out to the edge of her brow.  Tara also played with Milk Makeup's eye pigment, a blendable cream that dries down waterproof.  Tara's inspiration?  To create a look that would empower Annie to see herself in a new way.  She fierce, honey!

When it came to Celene, Tara opted for a more intuitive, abstract process.  Using a white jumbo cream shadow pencil, Tara created abstract shapes on the lid.  Next, she layered high impact shadows on top.  The white base layer acted as a primer which helped increase the vibrancy and longevity of the shadows.  We see a bit of Mother Earth and ocean waves.

And to rep our girl, go check out her new website which features her latest art project—a custom deck of tarot cards.  Girls got skillz, woot woot!  

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