These days, we use body oil for everything: to shave, to moisturize, to scent our bathwater. While we haven't totally let go of our favorite preservative-laden body lotions and creams, we are trying to cut back and treat our skin to a more natural alternative. Longing for something different than the lavender-heavy options available at the natural food store, we decided to blend up our own sandalwood and rosewood version. It's a creamy, woody and floral scent that warms nicely on the skin and leaves us feeling womanly and sensual. 

You'll Need:

2 8 oz plastic bottles (make sure the plastic is oil-compatible as some essential oils degrade plastic)

1 16 oz bottle sweet almond oil 

1 fl oz bottle of sandalwood oil in 14% solution or pure sandalwood oil

Rosewood essential oil


Add half bottle of sandalwood oil to each plastic bottle. If using pure sandalwood oil, add 10-20 drops. Add 10 drops of rosewood oil to each bottle. Fill bottle with sweet almond oil, replace the cap, and shake thoroughly to mix the oils together. Use daily as a body moisturizer or shave oil. 

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