Let me just be as honest as possible here: beyond walking my dog all around Silverlake and going for hikes in Griffith Park anytime I can agree to get a friend to go with me, I'm not a big fitness hero. I wish I could get myself excited about paying for and going to a gym to run in place in the middle of the city. But I just can't. Maybe it's the reclusive introvert in me, but gyms will never be my thing. I love yoga, but because my neighborhood is now super trendy, all of my favorite spots require your firstborn in exchange for a pack of 30 classes. So I decided to continue to DIY my fitness and download the app Daily Yoga. 

Guess what--it's actually totally great. The app has loads of yoga classes suited to all levels. From Daily Yoga for Butt (a personal fave) to Candlelight Yoga (sleepy time), the variety in the app is great. Just select a class and a video plays on your phone  as a tender-voiced woman gently tells you how to move your body over the dulcet tones of some sweet pipe music. 

I roll out my mat on my back deck, tell my dog he has to stay inside, and do about 45 minutes of yoga. The best part is that it's only $26 for a year of access to all the classes. Take that, trendy yoga gym pirates! 

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