As you can tell, I’ve spent the last few months investing a lot of time into self-exploration and self-discovery. I have been working through so many aspects of my life and consciousness. Sharing my experiences on Larkspur has been a pivotal outlet. And, in truth, this community of support has been a lifeline. 

I’ve spent the last couple of months living in Northern California with my parents. We have ten acres of land. It’s green and quiet. I have space to think and fresh air to breath. Squallow, as we call it, is beautifully raw and isolated. Last week, I learned how to chop wood with an axe, hatchet, and chainsaw. And guess what? It was incredibly healing.

Presence of mind is obviously critical.  Fading away into your head is a recipe for lost limbs so you are compelled to enter a zen flow; all of your attention is focused on the task at hand. With that a restorative tranquility has room to settle in. You feel alive and strong. Splicing through wood like butter is gratifying in all the ways you’d imagine.

Above is a picture of the woodpile I chopped with my Dad. He explained, “Wood makes you warm twice. First, when you cut it down and chop it up. Then again when you load up the stove.” It’s going to keep us warm for the next month. I love this.

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