With jasmine blooming and cherry blossoms blowing in the breeze, spring definitely feels upon us here in Los Angeles.  The beginning of the season inspired us to make time for a crafty project outside in the sunshine.  We opted to revamp a few old stone and terra-cotta pots using chalk paint.  Wanting a minimalist kind of vibe, we stuck with basic painted shapes and a neutral color palette for the florals.  This DIY tutorial is super simple and takes about twenty minutes start to finish!  Plus, you do a bit of good recycling old pots.  

Our favorite spot to pick up plants is La Crescenta Nursery (we stop by for all of our earthy DIY projects).  Considering our color palette, we chose herbs and florals with rich, green leaves, a bit of gray dustiness, white, and soft purple.  A rule of thumb to stick by when crafting an arrangement?  Go for a variety in texture and size.  Selecting a few bushier plants helps amp up the volume while delicate, thinner leaves add a bit more dimension.

From top left: petite white daisy, snowstorm bacopa, sage, purple columbine, and lavender.


Terracotta/stone pot

Cleaning cloth

Masking tape

Chalk paint

Paint brush


Step 1:  Using a wet cloth, clean off dirt and dust from the pot.

Step 2:  Outline your shape or pattern with masking tape.  We stuck to a simple stripe and upside down right triangle to achieve our minimalist look.  

Step 3:  Using white chalk paint, fill in your shape.  Remember to brush with even strokes.  Depending on how vivid you want the color, add a second or third coat of paint.

Step 4:  Remove masking tape and allow paint to dry.

That's it!  Once your paint is good to go, plant your florals and finish up with a bit of water.  Spring refresh complete! 

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