Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow in Metallic Violet:  That may very well be the longest makeup title for a teensy pot of eyeshadow but MY GOD—this creamy shadow goes the distance.  Looking to dress up as a glowing mermaid-fairy-goddess?  Apply it wet for a seriously metallic effect.  Or perhaps you want just a hint of shimmer-sparkle fairy dust?  Apply it dry and use your fingers to layer the product up.  All of these foil eye shadows are incredible, but I reach for this color in particular because it complements my complexion naturally.  The cherry on top?  A little goes a long way so don't worry about running out.  You will get your money's worth!

Marble & Milkweed Rosy Lip Tint:  We got this product a short time ago and I have become obsessed.  I am definitely more of a chapstick kind of girl for daily wear; handling the fuss of a bright lip or sticky lip gloss can be a bit much for me to maintain.  This moisturizing lip balm has just enough color to bring my face back to life and is super nourishing.  Plus, it smells like a spa and that is glorious.

Mac Lip Pencil in Soar:  My makeup expert/little sister introduced me to this cult liner and wowzer—it makes me feel like Gwen Stefani circa 1995.  The pencil applies smoothly and is not too drying, which means it's easy to trace and fill in.  I have tested out many pinkish-brown hues and Soar works as a neutral without going too lifeless.  You'll pick up your own stick and sing to me, "Don't speak.  I know just what you're saying."  But really, try it.

Tatcha Dewy Skin Face Mist:  I pine for the glow.  I want my face to look highlighted, refreshed, and ethereal.  I want to radiate, people!  Tatcha's mist is no joke.  I first heard about this stuff on Jaclyn Hill's Youtube channel and was curious.  But, the price tag was a bit scary so I let it go and moved onto cheaper alternatives (like drinking lots of water and applying cream eyeshadow on my cupid's bow).  And then I was blessed.  I got it for my birthday.  Now, I radiate whenever I want, however much I want.  It smells divine, actively hydrates, and is long-lasting.  Plus, you won't run out quickly.  I use 2-3 sprays per use and have barely made a dent in the bottle.


Earth Tu Face Jasmine Lotion: I started out just slathering this lightweight body hydrator all over my arms and legs post-shower. It smells like a million jasmine blossoms packed into one little pump of lotion. Then, I took my obsession to the next level and started putting it all over my face. Guess what? It's incredibly hydrating and lightweight, makes my skin feel amazing, and no breakouts in sight! I smell like flowers from my nose to my toes. 

FAB Facial Radiance Pads: I used to work in the skincare industry so I'm pretty well versed in what works and what is total bullsh*t. I go into all skincare experiences jaded and expecting blah results. Nothing has ever changed my skin like these pads!! These exfoliate without the sting, have lightened the hyperpigmentation I have on my nose, reduced the appearance of pores and blackheads and totally kept PMS breakouts at bay. My skin is also softer and more hydrated. Cannot recommend these enough! 

Dior Rouge Dior Baume in Garden Party: This hydrating lipstick/balm hybrid is a creamy dreamy formula. But what I really love is the shade. It's the perfect rose and brightens up my face immediately. 

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