Just before the Holiday season kicked into high gear, my boyfriend gifted me with a reservation to experience Rain Room at LACMA.  Knowing very little about the installation before our visit, I envisioned the two of us in the center of a rainstorm, inside the museum.  I decided to keep it this way—to arrive at the experience with just my imagination and my guy.

WOW.  It did not disappoint.  Created in 2012 by Random International, a collaborative and experimental studio, Rain Room is "an immersive environment of perpetually falling water that pauses wherever a human body is detected."  Short hand?  This installation makes you feel like you really do have magic powers.  

Set in the center of a black room, the exhibit consists of a massive overhead rig with tiny individual faucets and a grate beneath your feet.  As you enter the rain, the faucets use infrared technology to detect your body and switch the faucets off.  All in all, you are safe and dry with a three foot radius around you.

Bobby and I had eight minutes to explore.  We walked around one another in our own dry space, walked together and combined our dry circles, and snapped a few silhouettes.  To enjoy a downpour in Los Angeles with your love...what a great date night!  

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