If I told you that there's nothing I love more in the morning than a big steaming bowl of oatmeal, would you believe me? You shouldn't. Because I would always rather have pizza than oatmeal. Because I'm a human being with tastebuds. But here's the thing: oatmeal is good for you. And it's filling. And now, thanks to a little culinary creativity, Celene and I have found three ways to turn a boring plop of oatmeal into something that's almost as delicious as pizza. We're shaking up oatmeal, y'all. It's getting wild over here in the Larkspur kitchen. 

The Base

Steel cut oats, cooked according to packaging instructions with a pinch of salt. 

Avocado, Chili Oil, and Furikake

This savory bowl o' oats owes its deliciousness to creamy avocado, zingy chili oil, and furikake--a Japanese rice seasoning that contains seaweed, seasame seeds, salt, and a touch of sugar. Add more salt to your oatmeal before serving to up the flavor.  

Mango, Coconut and Cardamom

This bowl tastes like a delicious trip to India. Pour warm coconut milk and a bit of sugar on top of your hot oatmeal. Sprinkle on some flaked coconut and ground cardamom. Top with some super ripe mango. 

Berry, Almond, and Brown Sugar

For all you classic food lovers. Add some warm milk to your hot oatmeal. Top with slivered almonds, blueberries, blackberries, and a sprinkle of brown sugar. 

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