Happy New Year, readers!  And WOW.  Where did the year go?  So cheesy, I know, but 2015 zoomed by and I still feel kind of breathless.  In part because the past year marked major change and transition in my life and in our business (hello, e-commerce!).  Many, many lessons learned and moments of self-realization.  But mostly because it was welcome transformation—the kind that leaves you feeling electric.  And slinking into a brand spankin' new year in this fresh skin is pretty freakin' incredible.

I spent the final bit of the holiday at my parent's house up North.  It's part of our ritual to get outside and work the land; clear dead brush and make way for spring growth.  As I was standing by the giant bonfire, I totally blissed out.  I got lost in the blaze and the world faded away; it was just me, my senses, and that heat.  Feeling the burn fall from my cheeks to my hands to my toes was cleansing and restorative.  It was a moment to be present.  The next morning I returned to the site.  Overnight the flames had quieted and all that was left was a pile of white ash.  I poked at the embers with a stick and thanked spirit for all the love and light in my life.

Speaking of love and lovers, my sister is getting married!  Isn't my new brother handsome?  And aren't they just the dreamiest?   

2015 marked another wonderful year with my loyal hound, Opie.  I snapped this moment on the final day of our vacation.  What was he gazing on?  This other worldly sunset. 

Thank you for all of your support in 2015.  May the year ahead bring you fulfillment, happiness, and joy.  We have lots in store!

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