With Christmas coming up next week, we are looking forward to some special downtime with family and friends; a few days to check out and enjoy the company of those we love.  And while we definitely plan to cozy up beside the fireplace, there is something to be said for getting out and celebrating in Los Angeles.  Here are three wintry activities should your Holiday spirit beckon you out of the house!

Ice Skating in Pershing Square

The seven year old in us still has big dreams of skating on ice in a rhinestone leotard; jumping into a perfect triple axel and landing gracefully with the wind in our hair.   The Ice Rink in Pershing Square is the perfect place to test the dream.  Grab dinner in downtown, scope out the twinkling lights street-side and above, and finish up with a few turns on the rink. 

Winter Hike thru Escondido Canyon and Falls

Since winter in Los Angeles is oh-so-mild, take advantage of the climate and venture to Escondido Canyon Park.  Famous for the 150 foot Escondido Falls, this 4.2 mile hike takes two hours and offers gorgeous views of the coast (jaw dropping, take your breath away kind of sights).  Bring along some hot cocoa and a warm blanket to make it extra festive!

LA Zoo Lights

The Christmas Light Show through Griffith Park has been a long standing LA tradition.  This year, LA Zoo has upped the ante and seriously expanded the show.  Stroll through a brilliant winter wonderland with glowing light animals, giant origami creatures, and even real reindeer.  

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