1) Fuggiamo: Black Bucket Bag

Our girl Jackie's store has some majorly beautiful goods from all over the world. From Nepalese jewelry to clothes from Ghana, Fuggiamo is truly a treasure trove. At the top of our wish list: this brand-spankin'-new leather bucket bag. 

2) Etsy: Raven Watercolor Print

This minimalist watercolor just speaks to us, ya dig?

3) 101 Cookbooks: White Chard Stew

It's finally getting brisk here in the City of Angels. We're putting this hearty stew on our recipe list. One pot = lunch all week long. We might even hunt down some extra crusty sourdough to go with. 

4) Lenny: Lena Dunham on Endometriosis

We must admit before Lenny Letter covered endometriosis, we really had no idea what it was. With 1 in 10 women affected by this disease, Lena Dunham's essay on the piece is worth a read so you can offer support to friends who might be suffering. 

5) Vogue: Keeping Your Separate Bank Account After You Marry

We can't stress enough the deep importance of this article. Even if you said forever, the fact is that "whomever holds the economic power in the relationship holds the dominant role in the relationship." Keeping a separate bank account as a source of autonomy from your spouse isn't fatalistic. It's smart.  

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