I have been painting my nails myself since I was a teeny tiny babe.  I love everything about them.  I love that you can paint 'em, glue things onto them, and express yourself while treating yo' self.  

Most of the time I opt for neutral colors but this minimalist look has me hooked.  It feels edgy, modern, and even a bit witchy!  


Scotch Tape

Nail polish

Clear top coat

Nail brush

Nail polish remover (acetone)


Step 1) Clean and prepare nail beds with clear polish.  You can follow my at home manicure how-to here. 

Step 2) Apply clear Scotch Tape.  Position outer edges of tape at a 75 degree angle.  This will create an inner triangle that spreads from the cuticle bed to a precise point at the top of the nail.  

Step 3)  Paint exposed triangles with two coats of polish.  Aim for thin, even coats.  Allow to dry completely.

Step 4)  Remove tape!

Step 5)  Using a thin nail brush dipped in nail polish remover (acetone works best) clean up the edges.  Double check to be sure the triangles are even across both hands.

Step 6)  Apply a final coat of clear nail polish.

Voila!  A totally modern Hocus-Pocus vibe.

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