Getting crafty and making our own stationary from scratch makes us feel like 18th century ladies who spend the day in the parlor and say things like "In a mere fortnight" and "How farest thou?"  There is something so sweet and romantic about a hand-stamped, handwritten note.

The best part of this DIY?  We stamped using baby bok choy!  You can also work with celery and endives to get a similar floral silhouette.


4 heavy-weight folded cards (we used these in white luxe)
4 matching envelopes (we used these in white luxe)
1-2 sheets of paper
2-4 heads of baby bok choy
Watercolor paint (we loved this option)


Step 1)  Trim baby bok choy, leaving 1.5" at the base.
Step 2)  Prepare watercolor paint using a flat plate.
Step 3)  Dip bok choy into watercolor paint and test stamp on the extra sheet of paper.  This will help eliminate any running paint and provide for a more even stamp.
Step 4)  Stamp away!  We opted for a random print with a cool, muted color palette.

We will be gifting our cards in sets of four so we decided to finish up with a bit of twine.  Voila!   

Side note — curious about Celene's mani?  Keep an eye out for an upcoming how-to later this month! 

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