While following every aunt, uncle, and tween in your family on Instagram might be a best practice, it sure makes for a dull feed. We love following inspiring up-and-coming artists to spice up our morning scroll session. Here are a few of our recently added faves! 

Erika DaSilva @crown9studios

We first fell in love with Erika's work when she painted one of our most popular Instagram posts. Since then, we've fallen hard for her whimsical paintings of fruit, hands, and abstract forms. What can we say, her art just makes us feel really HAPPY! 

Livia Falcaru @liviafalcaru

We love Livia's dark, raw, mystical vibe. Although her style is completely modern, something about her work reminds us of early Byzantine art. She captures a full range of human emotion while also leaving us with the sense that magic is real! 

Megan Johnson @megannoeljohnson

Megan is a local L.A. painter whose pieces are pure textural genius. We love the way she uses layers of color to convey tide pools and jagged cliffs in abstract form. 

Jen Lashek @willowmarkworks

Hypnotic watercolor patterns coming right up! Jen specializes in paintings so intricate they are almost optical illusions. We secretly want to see everything she makes turned into chic bedding. 

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