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Let’s be real: I love my Michael Kors fragrance. It has most things I look for in a perfume; it’s light, it’s wearable, and it smells like white flowers. But occasionally, I walk into a room with other lovely young ladies, and I realize I smell just like half of them. What a startling experience! Sadly, my Michael Kors just isn’t unique enough to be a real signature scent. In the search for a fragrance that speaks more to the alluring and one-of-a-kind lady I’m trying to become, I discovered these fab florals. I’ll always love you, Michael Kors, but I’m not sure we can be together anymore.

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Santa Maria Novella Mughetto Cologne

Santa Maria Novella is one of the world’s oldest existing perfumeries, founded by Franciscan monks in Florence in 1221. Basically, they know what they’re doing. One of the first colognes they ever made was for Catherine de Medici--a blend of citrus and bergamot. All the colognes and body products are made on site in Florence using local ingredients and delicately crafted based on age old recipes. Mughetto--Italian for Lily of the Valley--is one of SMN’s more delicate perfumes. The fragrance is pure Lily of the Valley. It starts out with the more fresh, green notes of the flower, but quickly dries down to a sweet, classically floral scent. This one is fresh and delicate.


Creed Silver Mountain Water

Founded in 1760, Creed Perfumes is one of the oldest family-owned businesses in the world, and France’s strongest proponent of using natural ingredients in the perfume industry. The brand commits to using natural fragrance extracted from plants using traditional infusion processes rather than relying on synthetic fragrances, many of which are known to cause neurological damage. Inspired by fresh snow in the Alps, Silver Mountain Water is a feminine blend of black currant and green tea, with top notes of bergamot and base notes of sandalwood. Unlike many perfumes, this one doesn’t alter too much as you wear it, though the sandalwood and black currant do open and develop a bit as the fragrance warms. This perfume is feminine and sweet, but very distinctive--the sandalwood gives it a dirty edge that keeps it original.


Diptyque Eau Rose

In 1961, an interior designer, a painter, and a theater director got together and opened what started out as a curated shop of arts and artifacts in Paris. In 1968, the trio launched their first perfume, and Diptyque was born. The Parisian brand is best known in the states for their stylish candles, but their lesser-appreciated perfume is for me, the real gem. Created as an homage to the queen of flowers, Eau Rose is a blend of rich cabbage and damask roses offset with notes of bergamot and cedar. The perfume starts out zesty, and citrusy, but quickly dries to a sophisticated rose scent--one that maintains both the richness and the green, planty notes of fresh cut roses. This isn’t your grandma’s rose perfume. It's fresh, sophisticated, and completely unique.

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