As someone who works in the beauty industry, I'm always a little wary of the newest, hottest thing in beauty. So when the Beauty Blender started to take the tools world by storm, I scoffed. "What's so special about a pink sponge!" Well, let me tell you, a lot is special about it! Ever since I got this perfectly squishy hot pink sponge in my hands a year ago, I haven't used any other tools (even my fingers!) to apply foundation. Check out the video above for my favorite technique and read a few tips below to help you get started!  

Get it Wet! Getting the sponge damp before you apply your foundation is really the key to this dewy skin look. It helps the foundation go on smoother, the sponge from absorbing a lot of product, and it adds hydration to your skin.

Start at the Center Most people experience the majority of skin discoloration at the center of their face around the nose and the cheeks. Start applying your foundation here and blend out to the edges of your face. This will ensure you get the most coverage where you need it, and help you avoid that scary masky look at your jawline. You'll also see I apply concealer under my eyes, around my nose, and at the corners of my mouth--the places where most faces (including mine!) have shadows/darkness and redness.   

Press and Blend Although you might miss it in the video, I'm pressing and blending the foundation into my skin with what I like to think of as a mix of a stipple and a swipe. This technique helps prevent streaking and works the foundation into the skin so it looks super natural. 

The Right Formula Just for fun, here's a shortlist of our favorite foundations!

1. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua 

2. Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer (full disclosure, I work for this company so I'm a little biased! But this product is seriously amazing) 

3.  Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

Do you have a favorite foundation technique? Share your tips!

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