Gallery Wall.jpg

After moving into our home almost a year ago, I am finally getting around to decorating the walls.  Collecting art pieces is always a challenge for me, I suppose I have a difficult time committing to just a few.  But when it comes to old photographs, I can't get enough.  Reflecting on all of the places I have been and getting to see the people that I love reminds me everyday just how lucky I am.  

Gallery Wall.jpg

Since my bedroom has quite a bit of blank wall space, I wanted a gallery wall.  I started off by purchasing frames at Aaron Brothers penny sale.  This was, without a doubt, the most economical way of purchasing such a large quantity of frames at once.  I opted to buy a variety of sizes, making sure to pick at least two of each size so the wall would be balanced.   From there I combed through old pictures, printed on glossy photo paper, and laid out the frames on the floor to try out different arrangements.  

The final step is hanging everything up.  I recommend using masking tape to create a large rectangle on the wall.  This shape essentially becomes your guide, the straight edges helping you line up the outermost frames.  Be sure to buy picture hangers, these will make hanging much easier!  


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