Ummm, I don't particularly enjoy exercising.  Admittedly, my greatest victory was getting my dog, Opie, because he forces me to get out and stay active.  While cardio has helped to burn fat, I have been looking for a more targeted work-out that will help tone my core muscles. 

Luckily for me, my uncle Barky is a tennis trainer and overall fitness champion.  After discussing my pitfalls (hot cheetos, TV, general laziness), he convinced me to give this circuit a try.  And...he delivered.  The exercises change just enough that I remain entertained and it is just short enough to make me feel like I can actually see it to the end. 

The goal here is to keep your heart rate up for a solid 15 minutes.  It's up to you to select your exercises, just be sure to maintain a balance between upper body (3 exercises) and lower body (3 exercises) with 1 minute of jumping rope in between each.  Check out the video to see my current favorites.  Please be warned, I am certainly not a trained professional.  For more precise guidance on how to use proper form and exercise safely, please research!  I frequent shape magazine and for tips and new exercises.

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