It's Retro Week here at Larkspur Company! You'll notice we've changed our look a little bit in honor of Retro Week--Celene found this awesome wrapping paper in her godmother's house, and we knew we had to incorporate it into the site for our week celebrating things all things retro. The first post of Retro Week is a tutorial on how to do one of my favorite updos--the Gibson Hair Tuck! The Gibson tuck is a style inspired by Gibson Girls--illustrations that artist Charles Gibson drew in the 1890s of the ideal female beauty. But to me, this tuck is a lot more reminiscent of 30's and 40's era styles. I have a lot of hair, but this style works wonders on fine hair, curly hair, and even short hair.

Gibson Hair Tuck

What you'll need: 

  • Two elastic hair ties (I use clear because my hair is light, but use the black ones pictured below if you're dark-haired.)
  • 5-6 bobby pins
  • A comb or brush

Step 1: Twist two 1''-2'' sections of hair away from your face  

Step 2: Secure with one of your elastics.

Step 3: Tie back the bottom portion of your hair with your second elastic, low on the hair.

Step 4: Tease the tail of your first ponytail with a comb or brush, until it gets really fluffy. If you have really fine hair, you'll want to create the majority of your volume here, so tease away!

Step 5: Wrap your fluffy teased hair around the center of your ponytail, hiding the elastic and creating a sort of floating bird's nest of hair.  

Step 6: Take the bottom ponytail of hair and pull it up over the bird's nest.  

Step 7: Begin to tuck the second ponytail into the cavity behind the bird's nest, tucking and rolling until you hide the entirety of the bird's nest and the tuck feels tight.  

Step 8: Pin the roll along the seam until the tuck feels secure.  

Step 9: Ta-da! Gibson tuck!  

Gibson Hair Tuck


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