Magnesium Benefits

We all know we are supposed to get calcium in our diets, but did you know there is a mineral many of us are deficient in?  Yup, magnesium.  A highly processed and refined diet (like the ones most Americans eat) based on white flour, meat, and dairy, does not contain enough magnesium for the body to thrive.  Plus, drinking lots of alcohol, eating salty foods, and experiencing intense stress can massively decrease magnesium levels in the body (sound familiar?).

Being magnesium deficient can affect many different aspects of your health.  It can give you insomnia, anxiety, muscle cramps, headaches, constipation, and chronic fatigue.  That sounds awful.   

To make sure you are getting enough, eat a diet rich in the foods listed above.  Or, take an epsom salt bath!  Your skin can absorb magnesium too.  

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