Irwin Naturals Ginkgo Smart, Background Art

Irwin Naturals Ginkgo Smart, Background Art

Ginkgo biloba  is one of the world's oldest living tree specimens, so it's no surprise that it is a pretty powerful natural supplement.  Not to mention it is one of the most studied plants in the scientific community!

While there are many components in ginkgo leaves, it's the flavonoids and terpenoids that are medicinally significant.  These plant-based antioxidants help to protect the nerves, blood vessels, heart, and retina from damage caused by free radicals.  Terpenoids also help to dilate blood vessels, improving blood flow in the body.

When it comes to improving and protecting our memory, Ginkgo extract certainly plays a part.  Current research suggests that Ginkgo helps to protect nerve cells in the brain, warding off early dementia. 

Irwin Naturals produces my favorite Ginkgo supplement.  It was my go-to back in college as I prepped for midterm and final exams.  This Monday, let's boost our brain power and get gink-going!


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