From top left:  Spanx, Wolford, American Apparel, and Plush

From top left:  Spanx, Wolford, American Apparel, and Plush

Now that we have started the hunt for a holiday dress, it's timely to keep an eye out for great cold weather tights.  They can be an amazing accessory plus they keep you warm when you don't want to lug around a hefty winter coat!

We are paying attention to these four trends:

  1. Control Top - These are an absolute must!  They smooth out our lovely curves without making us feel like we are suffocating beneath full on shape wear.  This pair by Spanx is particularly amazing because it works underneath shorter cocktail dresses (the bikini control top vs. the traditional control top that stops mid-thigh).  
  2. Patterned - If tights had a reigning world superpower, that superpower would be Wolford.  They are simply the best.  The options are endless, the quality is impeccable, and they stunning.  
  3. Knee High - We love to pair these underneath tall boots with a skirt or dress.  We recommend these ribbed modal knee highs by American Apparel because they stay up and don't fall into the depths of your boot.
  4. Fleece Lined - Need we say more?  Granted we live in Los Angeles and do not necessarily encounter severe cold fronts, but anything fleece lined makes us cozy and satisfied.  If only Plush made a fleece lined bodysuit...we digress.

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