We talk a lot about skin here on the blog and today is no exception.  We make the care of this giant organ a priority (after all, it's our faces people!).  So when a friend of mine introduced me to the beauty bar, I was compelled to research.  To me, any type of soap/cleanser in bar form is alien and scary.  They bring to mind hotel showers on summer vacations and that horrible cracking feeling when you have stripped your skin raw.    

Traditional bar soap, which is naturally alkaline, disrupts your skin's pH.  The higher pH disturbs your skin's natural barrier function and also makes water evaporate from your skin's surface more quickly.  To combat the drying effects, your skin doubles up on oil production which can result in increased bacterial growth.  Yikes!  Not what we want we we are trying to eliminate bacteria and hydrate.

But today's beauty bar has successfully managed to overcome these negative side effects.  Made up of undiluted active ingredients and emollients, they are often a cleansing, hydrating, and balancing alternative to liquid cleansers.  Not to mention they generally last longer!  If you decide to make the change, be sure to store these bars in a clean environment.  Let me know how it goes!

Here are a few beauty bars I have my eye on:

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