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As soon as we discovered just how easy embossing is (thanks Cupcakes and Cashmere!), we decided to craft our own version for Valentine's Day.  A handwritten note really can't be beat, especially on a holiday that's all about spreading the love.  Whether they are for your closest friends, family, or special someone, these little notes add the perfect touch!  With three weeks left, you should have ample time to gather supplies and get craftin'.  

Valentine's Day Cards.jpg

How to:

1)  Supplies:  Versa Ink Pad, Embossing Pens, Heart Stamp, Gold Glitter Embossing Powder, Silver Glitter Embossing Powder, Scallop Note Cards, Envelopes, Embossing Heat Tool, and No Spill Tray     

1)  Press stamp onto clear ink pad.  Or, use an Embossing Pen to write a few sweet words.

3)  Stamp, centered on paper.

4)  Apply glitter.

5)  Dust off excess glitter onto No Spill Tray.

6)  Gently blow off any remaining glitter, making sure the stamp is clean and defined.

7)  Using the Embossing Heat Tool, apply hot air for 20-30 seconds about 2-3" away from surface.  Embossing powder should completely dissolve.  We found the Paper Source brand heat tool works much more quickly than outlined in the instructions.

8)  Allow notes to set for 5-10 minutes.

9)  Prep and wrap for delivery!

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