Over a week ago, my boyfriend and I welcomed a fluffy new family member. Teddy, our 9 week old golden retriever puppy is my new best friend. He's sweet, funny, and full of love for every creature he meets. He truly has not met a person he doesn't think is the best. He even thinks his vet is a wonderful lady, and still gave her lots of kisses when she gave him a shot. Here are a few pics of my new little love, along with a few things you need to know about him. 

photo (3) copy.JPG

Loves: All people, his green monkey toy from Auntie Celene, his Kong stuffed with chicken liver, snuggles, shoes, stepping in his water bowl, and giving the rocks in our backyard a taste (which I am not too pleased with needless to say)

Dislikes: Being told not to chew on shoes and rocks, baths. 

Favorite Song: Ain't Too Proud to Beg by the Temptations (I don't really know if this is his favorite song, but we danced to it and he seemed to be having fun)

Favorite Sound: "You're so cuuuuuuute!" 

photo (3).JPG

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