via Teen Vogue

via Teen Vogue

It's not very often that we get a serious girl crush on a celebrity. But lately, everything that we read about Shailene Woodley has us thinking that this girl could be our next bff, should we ever meet. The upcoming star of Divergent is everything that most Hollywood actresses aren't: humble, witty, and really into crystals, natural beauty, and herbal remedies. 

As told in her interview with Marie Claire, Shai (as she's known to friends) keeps "sachets of organic grains, French clay, and kelp... this is what she loves: herbalism, barefoot running, living in a house in Topanga Canyon (until she gave it to her grandmother). She'd like to live off the grid if she could and raise chickens and sheep." SERIOUSLY? CAN WE COME? 


In fact, Shai has a whole theory about a healthy lifestyle that we think sounds pretty on point with our own sensibilities here at Larkspur Co. In Interview Magazine, Woodley reveals, "Herbalism is part of... knowing how to heal our bodies naturally... It's so important and essential to the Earth, to Gaia. We want to continue to live on this planet, and I think we need to break down the associations that we have that we're different from nature—that we need to protect the Earth and save the Earth—when we are, in fact, part of the Earth... If we want to save the planet, then I think we need to start saving ourselves in order to do that."

Who knew a 22-year-old movie star could get us so fired up! We'll be breaking out our old books on herbalism now...

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