To celebrate the lovely planet we call home for tomorrow's Earth Day, we decided to honor some of our most favorite herbs we use daily in the kitchen.  These guys are often available at your local nursery, even good ole' Home Depot, which makes them super easy to plant (and replant) throughout the year!

We headed to the La Crescenta Nursery to pickup all the ingredients.  This place is absolutely one of the best in Los Angeles - they have a remarkable variety and the staff is friendly and helpful.  

We opted to go for herbs that cover all the basics in international cuisine.  Cilantro for tacos, purple basil for thai curries, rosemary for Mediterranean dishes, mint for, well, everything.  We also threw in thyme for roasted poultry and sweet basil for robust Italian meals.  As you select your own seedlings, be sure to pick plants that are more immature.  A less established plant has a better chance of grounding itself in your garden at home and really taking off.

Having grown up with avid gardening parents, it has been a priority to get a garden started of our own.  This little herb garden makes for the perfect introduction; not too much to maintain but plenty of flavors bursting with spirit.  Happy Earth Day, readers!

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