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Loving our pups as much as we do, it's no surprise we go to some serious lengths to find them the best of the best when it comes to dog treats.  And while we are absolutely aware they would eat pretty much anything (succulents in the backyard, dirty socks, carpet fuzz), we especially love it when those things are good for their bodies.  

We first discovered Charki Puffs at Posh Pet Care (our boys are regulars here).  These dog treats are antibiotic, hormone, preservative, filler, and additive free!  Made of 100% USA raised beef lung and liver, these little snacks pack a punch when it comes to positive reinforcement training or just plain old snuggle time.  These sort of snacks definitely gross us out a bit (it's beef lung people!), but the blissed out look on Opie and Teddy's faces post a Charki treat is so worth the yucky beef breath we'd reward them a million times over with these little bits.

Diggin also makes a bunch of other excellent dog treats and supplements, take a look and shop!

Post day care, eternal love shot.  Just because we had to :)

Post day care, eternal love shot.  Just because we had to :)

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