I had a lazy weekend, full of cooking and snuggling with my dog. Teddy and I cuddled up with a new movie I discovered on iTunes and fell wholeheartedly in love with: The Lunchbox. This Hindi-language film from India follows the story of a young woman, Ila, who is trying to reach out to her distant, cold husband by cooking him delicious homemade lunches to be delivered to him each day by Mumbai's legendary lunch delivery system. She hopes that her food will inspire him to show her the attention she so desperately craves. But Ila's lunches never reach her husband, and are instead delivered to Saajan, a lonely soon-to-be-retired widower with no friends. Soon realizing the error, the two begin to exchange notes each day via the lunchbox, connecting first simply via food, and later on their mutual loneliness and need for human connection. The story is full of intense and genuine emotion--the type of pathos that is so often lacking in American cinema. As a fan of Indian cooking, I thought I would simply enjoy the film for the delicious recipes, but it became much more to me: a reminder of how much we all crave to simply reach out and touch one another. To listen and be heard. 


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