Larkspur's Winter Garden

It's that time of year again!  I am very excited to refresh my sad summer garden (which totally fried this past week while I was at Burning Man, more on that later).  Looking ahead to the cooler climate, it's best to plant hearty greens like kale, chard, and spinach, along with root vegetables like parsnip, radishes, carrots, and turnips.  Botanical Interests supplies some of my favorite seeds, mainly because of their incredible variety and USDA Organic quality.  Can't say I'm looking for a three foot GMO carrot this time around…

A note on starting from seedlings versus more mature stems:

My dad has always recommended opting to start from seed if you have the time as the plant will have a more viable opportunity to settle into its new environment (i.e. your garden) and build a strong root foundation.  The next best thing is to shop for the most immature plants at the nursery, as these will transplant best into their permanent home.  If my gardening experience has taught me anything, it's that patience is key.  Typically I am partial to buy the plant with the veggies already on them (no failing here, right?).  My strategy this year is to attempt a few from seed and the rest that are in their first stages of development.  Can't wait to see the growth!

P.S. Check out the herb garden Annie and I made for Earth Day this year!

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