I might be late to the game on this one but the power and beauty behind this artist's music is too big to keep to myself...

It was super late at night a few weeks ago, goofing around on youtube, when my little sis introduced me to Mitchell's song, Shepherd.  We watched NPR's Tiny Desk video of her performance live and I was moved.  The song is hauntingly beautiful and tearfully sad, that kind of sadness that works its way deep into your core.  Mitchell sings about life, loss and renewal in this piece.  And despite the tragedy, I feel a surprising sense of hope by the end of the song, which admittedly helps me dry my tears.  There is magic in her voice and in her ability to get me to feel so vulnerably human.  

Folk music usually has a way of stirring my soul this way but Shepherd just hasn't left me since.  

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