Being one half of a creative pair myself, I can tell you first hand how invaluable it is to have a partner in the pursuit of creative work. Celene has qualities that I totally lack, and together, we make up for one another's shortcomings. Our brainstorms together are always more fruitful than the ones we have apart. When we are dreaming up new business ideas, or subjects for the blog, it's hard to remember who even came up with what. 

In his book Powers of Two, Joshua Wolf Shenk explores the dynamics between some of history's most powerful duos: Lennon and McCartney, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and Marie and Pierre Curie, just to name a few. The book deep dives into the power dynamics, creative mind meld, and role reversals that occur when two separately creative people come together to innovate and create together. Shenk explores paradigms that he believes help illuminate the interactions between duos. The result? A fascinating read. While I myself had a hard time finding Celene and I in some of the more intense duos (like Vincent and Theo van Gogh), it was overall illuminating to begin to understand how two minds really are better than one. 

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