Double Take

The landscape out and around my parent's house makes for quite the fashion post backdrop, no?  Nestled in the heart of gold country, I've always loved the brushy, grassy meadows stacked up side-by-side with massive oaks and pines.  The muted colors evoke afternoons past and old days gone.  

To throw in a pop of color for this neutral outfit, I opted for this incredibly comfy (and ooh la la sexy) favorite bralette.  I'm not one to get particularly complex with colors, but this intense fuchsia really fits the bill.  A bit surprising, totally covetable, that kind of color I can do.  And paired with this striking garnet cocktail ring, well, my gold panning predecessors would have been quite proud.  Dare I say..this is my Eureka moment?!?  

Alright readers, enough jokes about the gold rush.  Have a happy happy Monday!

Double Take 2 Vram Jewelry Couture Garnet Ring

Vram Jewelry Couture Garnet Ring

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