New loves!  This holiday season led to a few incredible adventures, one of which resulted in a major new product find.  Introducing a bar of good old fashioned shampoo.  I was a bit perplexed at first, wondering how to suds up my locks and what this would smell like?  But man oh man this product is good stuff.  It definitely took awhile to get the bar warmed up in the shower, to feel like I had "enough" of the shampoo on my hands (and let's be realistic, I'm used to an ample pump of product to work with).  Working it down to my roots was easy though, fluid even.  I didn't have to work too hard to get a nice, clean feeling with plenty of sudsy bubbles.  Rinsing was a bit more unorthodox.  I am accustomed to a silky soft texture when I rinse (and that is thanks to plenty of chemical ingredients).  This bar quite literally gets your hair feeling squeaky clean, like you can't quite run your fingers through.  But when I brushed with a comb I had no difficulty at all.  What I loved most was that the shampoo left my hair feeling hydrated, refreshed, and clean from root to end.  Mind you this was all without conditioner!  

After doing a bit more research on their website, I learned this squeaky clean feeling is actually due to the lack of natural oil in your hair.  After years of using chemical based hair products, your hair no longer produces natural oils to maintain its pH and stay hydrated on its own.  J.R. Liggett's shampoo works to clean your locks without stripping its natural oils.  Not to mention the ingredients are entirely natural and ecologically correct, and there are significant savings to be had if you make the switch.  Love this stuff, highly highly recommended!

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