Have you seen this badass new campaign out of the UK?  Sports England, a government-funded organization has launched a campaign called “This Girl Can” to encourage women to break a sweat, no matter what their body type or physical ability. According to their research, Sports England discovered that for many women, fear of judgement and insecurity about how they look while engaging in physical exercise is a main factor in their decision NOT to work out. 

The message of this video is one that snuck up on me a few days after I first watched it. By most measures, I'm not lacking in body confidence. I feel pretty good about myself and my body most of the time! But my lack of athleticism, rhythm, and body awareness is something that I've always been not-so-secretly embarrassed by. So embarrassed that I've purposefully made my lack of athletic ability a running joke with friends. Talk about defense mechanism! If I make fun of myself first no one can call me a "weird runner," right? If I say "Working out isn't really my thing," no one will invite me to try a Zumba class where I fall on my butt or get the steps totally wrong.

Truthfully, I don't work out that often. And when I do, it's usually just with my dog, who thinks everything I do is magical and awesome. Maybe if I take the time to let the message of this campaign truly sit with me, I won't hold myself back from trying something I might end up really loving. Because really, everybody looks kind of beast-mode awesome when they work out. Just watch the video if you don't believe me. The female body is stupendous. Even yours. Even mine.  



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