Lucky for me, my friends at Tata Harper were nice enough to send me some of their amazing natural skincare. I've been seriously fixated on this brand for a few years. Their mission is simple: to provide totally natural, totally wholesome, and totally effective skincare. The results are simply stunning: luscious, heavenly scented formulas that really do so much more than I ever thought a 100% natural skincare product could. 

Regenerating Cleanser: This grainy face wash is one of my all-time favorite scrubby wubby washes. You apply it dry and the tiny little granules go to work on dry skin. Like all of Tata's products, it smells herby and delish. I expected to fly through this bottle, but you need surprisingly little of the little scrub to get the job done. 

Rejuvenating Serum: Holy Moly Puddin' Pie! This is the shit you guys. Lightweight, almost lotion-like, spa-smelling, face-plumping amazingness. It's so hydrating that my paper-dry skin hardly even needs moisturizer on top. I've noticed it has even reduced blackheads, pore size, and some of the discoloration I have along my cheekbones that has me reaching for tinted moisturizer every morning. It's a hefty price tag no doubt. Can I promise I'll be able to fork over the $$$ for this after I run out? No, but I will forever mourn its loss once it's done. 

Beautifying Face Oil: Real talk: I used to work for the queen of face oils, so it's pretty hard to impress me when it comes to a little lipid liquid. This blend is nice--lightweight, fast-absorbing, and gives me the sort of greasy glow I've come to love. Do I feel that it is superior to any other face oil on the market? Maybe not. In truth, pure jojoba oil for $8 from Whole Foods is usually just fine for me. 

All in all, I'm totally blown away by these elixirs. Sure, the lime green and yellow vibe is not really my groove, but everything else is so on point that these little guys are going to the top of my skin recommendation list. If you've got big money and big desire for dope skin, get it! 

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