Silence of the Lambs

OK...I'm about to get on a really personal level, readers.  Because it isn't just any regular day I decide to share the most impressive blog photos I have ever shot.

Silence of the Lambs

THIS is what happens when you decide to try something new and are left unaccompanied in Sephora.  When I spotted this quick, no-fuss mask I was intrigued.  The packaging felt really peaceful and relaxing and the lady on the back made it look kinda...cute.  She is playfully prepping the sheet, putting it on her face, peeling it away and voila!  Miracles!

Silence of the Lambs

Not so.  

Aside from the slippery texture and less than fantastic results, this mask just doesn't make any sense.  New sheet mask fad?  Really silly and so not worth it.  Go the extra mile and invest in a good old mask and brush.  Your friends, family, and face will thank you for it.

Unless you feel like scaring the life out of them.  Here are a few ideas:

  1. FaceTime:  Possibilities endless, potential social spread infinite.  Maybe consider creeping in and out of the frame with the lights off and a flashlight beneath your chin.
  2. Crazy Heliumbooth App:  Voice alteration and visual effects.  Plus, you can save the videos for later to distribute when you need/want to.
  3. Halloween:  $6 costume as Buffalo Bill.  Can only be worn for 20 minutes. My inspiration (for this post, hehe).

And here are my favorite masks for when I seriously decide to care for my skin (Epicuren all the way, baby!):


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