Figue NYC

I am always curious about juxtapositions in fashion, whether it be through texture, print, material, or form.  Balancing hard-lined masculine details with softer, more ethereal feminine touches is a look I return to time and time again.  I feel most myself when I am somewhere in the middle.

Stephanie Von Watzdorf, the owner and designer behind Figue in NYC, has fused a classic clothing staple with imaginative, inspired beadwork in a way that makes me feel part Indian-goddess part bad-ass G.I. Jane.  These one of a kind jackets certainly break the bank, but I keep returning to these pieces for inspiration on my own projects.  There is something so glamorous and sharp about her work - a sense of intention that I admire.  Plus, the level of craftsmanship that goes into the beadwork leaves me speechless. 

Cheers to a fulfilling and inspiring week, readers!

Figue NYC

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