Nivea Hand Creme

Hunting down the most moisturizing, most nourishing, most non-greasy hand cream has been a life long pursuit.  I definitely neglect my hands (mostly due to my love for Clorox wipes) and end up with perpetually dry skin year round.  I have given many a hand cream a go but Nivea changed the game for me completely.  This stuff is real-deal, lifelong keeper kinda stuff.

Earlier this year, amidst traveling to Berlin and Amsterdam, my bestie picked up a tin of this cream at a local drugstore.  To say we had dried out like raisins due to all of the traveling would have been an understatement (think flaking nose and mouth, ah!).  Applying this miracle working cream became part of our daily ritual and seriously saved our skin.  I have been using it ever since!

A few things to note?  This isn't the most natural of hand creams, sigh.  And the tin is on the smaller side.  But me and my dry hands will keep on slathering on!

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