My most recent downloads...
My most recent downloads...
Happy Monday, readers!  It's hard to believe that Annie and I are jumping into the middle of August already.  This summer is flying by!
Last week we were busy working on new projects for Larkspur 2.0 with our ever-favorite intern, Lenea.  As we sat in traffic together we got to talking about music and personality.  Mainly, that musical preference reveals a lot about a person. For me, scrolling through someone's iTunes library feels a bit like glancing into their bathroom cabinet.  Is it messy or orderly?  Are they hoarders or minimalists?  Do they keep their bottles clean and fresh or is everything a bit grimy?  Taking a peek into a person's musical innerworld is one of the most direct ways of getting to know who they are underneath it all.
So what does my iTunes library reveal about me?  You (and I) would first come to terms with how many times I listen to the same song.  And I mean a lot.  Sometimes I listen to the same album for six hours straight on my drive to my parent's house.  When I find a track I love - whose poetry speaks to my soul and makes my ears ring - I listen to it until I have every word, melody, and beat is memorized.  I play it over and over again until it has become a part of my being.  The album on repeat as of late?  Fink's album, Hard Believer.  
You would also learn I have a big thing for acoustic and folk music.  Sure, splattered in there is Beyonce and a bit of Placebo and my middle school favorite, Creed (yes, I know).  But on the whole my musical taste is more subdued and sleepy.  The soundtrack that plays to my personality would be great for a rainy day, long drives out in the open, or relaxing on the beach as the sun sets.  
So...what does your iTunes library reveal about you?

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